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Dolegna del Collio

Collio is a hilly strip of land in the province of Gorizia stretching from the borderline with Slovenia down to the rivers Isonzo and Judrio through mostly south-oriented slopes particularly suitable to grow wine grapes. An additional positive characteristic is soil composition: a combination of marl and sandstone that is ideal for winegrowing.

Dolegna is a little town with mainly agricultural activities: its sweet inclines are an ideal ground for wine cultivation.

Every 4th Sundays of October, the event “Sapori In Cantina” takes place. It is a wine and food and cultural itinerary through the town area, where it is possible to admire wonderful autumn landscape and at the same time to taste Friuli traditional cooking together with local estate wines and products.

During 2010 edition, the world’s largest bottle of Friulano wine has been entered into the Guiness Book Of World Records.

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